Our Firm

About Us

Attuned to ideas & perspectives that others miss,

CFI Partners ("CFIP") is empowered to excel through our extensive experience, enhanced risk management, differentiated culture, and disciplined process.

we gain our edge through:

Extensive experience

CFIP’s founding Principals have more than 20 years of experience working as a team and have actively managed a broad range of credit strategies through seven credit corrections.1

Enhanced risk management

CFIP employs proprietary data analytics to support effective and dynamic risk management that help our investment team to mitigate tail risks and adapt to adverse circumstances in real time.

Differentiated culture

CFIP’s diversity profile promotes a dynamic, inclusive, and unique culture, that attracts top talent and provides a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and cognitive styles; empowering us to make better investment decisions.

Disciplined process

CFIP’s Investment Process is meticulously designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns, while effectively managing tail risk. We utilize rigorously crafted proprietary investment rubrics developed for each investment strategy, and sophisticated technology infrastructure that combines custom systems and third-party solutions.

Commitment to our clients

Our mission, rooted in capital stewardship, is to generate best-in-class performance and deliver exceptional service to our clients and stakeholders.  Our values serve as a guide towards accomplishing our mission and enriching the culture that makes us unique.

Our Values


We act with unwavering trustworthiness in all matters. We value our fiduciary duty to clients, treating employees equitably, and using resources sustainably.


We support intellectual curiosity and advancement. We encourage outside-the-box thinking, implementation of sophisticated technology, and team collaboration. We take a data-driven and forward-thinking approach to solving all challenges.


We seek excellence through individual accountability and collective responsibility.


We cultivate a transparent and meritocratic environment that embraces our differences and the edge they give us.

Commitment to Diversity

Accelerating innovation through diversity strengthens our competitive advantage and keeps us at the forefront of finance.

With a 58% diverse employee base2,3, we have a demonstrated history of inclusiveness. A key to our success in building our diverse workforce is our culture of intellectual curiosity and authentic inclusion. Our team delivers true cognitive diversity, a competitive advantage that benefits all our stakeholders. We foster an environment that encourages collaboration and open communication while maintaining accountability.